+ New release on Access Frame - Equity compilation. The Left Eye is a bit more experimental but still driving track. Take a listen and also check other 19 artists on the compilation.

+ We have released Multiply EP on Kamizdat records. Listen and download it here.

+ Heavy Handed with N'toko on vocals is released on DogEatDog records.

+ New song Jewels is released on Kamizdat label compilation: Access Frame. Play it loud!

+ New album One Hand Clap is out! You can listen and buy it here <BandCamp> or <Juno>
... "And it is precisely the details that are plentiful in BeatMyth's new album – and this is what makes it so different from the rest of the breakbeat offer currently out there. There's an enormous amount of barely audible rhythmical miniatures and various technical tricks and wacky ideas that thoroughly shake up the whole."...

--- by Borja Močnik

+ New album ONE HAND CLAP is on YouTube! Listen Loud!

+ Video for a song G Minor feat. N'toko is online!


BeatMyth started as a duo in 2007 and they produced two albums together "Your Own Two Heads" (2009) and "Questionable Image" (2012). They were doing mostly fat-sounding-breakbeat with MC N'Toko on vocals. Now days Igor Vuk is exploring various electronic genres, working on new songs and playing live with MC N'Toko. Some EPs were released on american label Starblocks rec. and DogEatDog and a full length album One Hand Clap was released in May 2017 on Kamizdat records.


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